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Can Nike Just Do it?

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Nike is an American company that operates in multiple nations.  Nike was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight.  

Nike sells Athletic footwear and apparel, sports equipment and fashion clothing and footwear. Nike’s website displays offers as soon as a user enters the landing page.  

A banner is displayed to allow users to see the latest products.  The website offers links to social media accounts which can allow users to quickly see Nike’s Facebook, twitter, Instagram or YouTube channel.

One company which uses social media to connect with customers and build traffic to their website is Nike.  One method of participation and linking they use is posting status’s to link their Facebook to their website with “shop now” call to action button.  

This allows users to click the button and take them straight to the company’s website.  These are beneficial as most users would not want to search for Nike to get to their website but a one click call to action button is convenient.

A second method of linking and participation Nike use is Nike+ Support; this is a support service with FAQ’s and discussions etc. on their Facebook page to ensure customers have easy access to help.  This is beneficial for Nike as it improves their customer confidence.  Customers would rather not troll the internet to get the answers they are looking for but would like to find them easily.

A third method of linking and participation used by Nike is linking their face book easily to Instagram.  Nike uses their top menu bar to link to Facebook.  This is easy for internet users to go between the two sites and read reviews, see if there is any difference between posts or competitions. 

As Instagram is mainly photo sharing this can be beneficial to see more Nike products, adverts and promotions.

 One method of audience engagement used by Nike is Retweets.  Nike will retweet someone’s tweet on twitter they feel is beneficial to the company.  This encourages Nikes followers to post tweets relevant to Nike to gain a retweet.

A second method used by Nike is posting stories and history; this is beneficial as it gives customers something to relate to.  Customers may think “My granddad ran in that race, there trainers are like his” and proceed to buy the trainers.  This also shows Nike isn’t all about profit.  They engage the audience by posting relatable, heart-warming stories.

A third method of audience engagement is NIKEiD.  This allows you to create your own custom Nike products.  This helps Nike to generate higher profits.  Customers will buy custom products so they can have unique products and no one else can have them making them desired.